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Welcome to the Sawdust Wood Fuels Nationwide Online Shop

We will be shut from and including the 11th of July until the 15th of July and from the 4th of August
until the 17th of August.

All orders placed during these periods will be processed and shipped once we are back in the office.

This Online Shop is strictly for customers outside of our Local Delivery Zones (20km Radius from our Meikleour Shop). If you are local to us then please click here to visit our Meikleour Online Shop.


Our main aim is to offer a great selection of quality products which you will find in our Online Shop as well as in our local Meikleour Shop for customers within the vicinity. We hope that after shopping with SWF you will realise that we take a lot of pride in what we do and that providing excellent products and customer service is of paramount importance to us.

Should there still be anything you want to discuss further or you have any queries about then please get in touch. We will do our best to make sure you leave informed and satisfied.

Freedom of Choice

As we believe in freedom of choice we have developed the Flexi Pallet in order to give users who want to work with different Briquette fuel types the opportunity to combine all or some of our wood fuels on one pallet. You can mix and match as you like.

We also offer standard pallets of our Briquettes and Birch Logs

Our bestselling Waxling® Firelighters can now be bought as a Sole Purchase in a dedicated online shop too...

Briquettes & Firewood Shop

We offer Briquettes and Firewood Logs in various quantities on a pallet. You can combine small pallets to create one big pallet of up to 1000kg.

Flexi Pallets

Build your own pallet. Firewood Logs and Briquettes mixed on one pallet. You can select any briquette layer and add the number of layers you require.

Waxling Shop

This is a 100% natural product with a much longer combustion time than conventional firelighters. Waxlings also leave your hands free of unpleasant smells after contact.